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Meet Dr. Chidi Kalu

Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, Author, Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker

Dr. Chidi Kalu has taught in the areas of Management, Customer Service and Leadership development for many years. Also, the Founder of Women of Distinction. Women of Distinction’s vision is to share hope, faith and love by empowering and equipping women of all walks of life to a new and powerful beginning after a significant life event.  A Corporate Trainer and manager who has taught on several topics. She has held several upper level management positions in various fortune 200 Corporations. Chidi also ministers at various Christian events and churches bringing encouragement and hope to all.

She has a Doctorate degree in Christian Education, a Masters degree in Public Administration and a B.A in Political Science and Religion. She is a certified professional Life Coach. On a regular basis, she delivers a message of hope, love and encouragement to women from all walks of life. With a strong cutting-edge word, Chidi ministers powerfully to secular and non-secular environments as a prolific speaker, writer, life coach and management consultant. Committed to the ministry of the gospel, she has a heart and passion to see all of God’s children live a fulfilling life centered on Jesus Christ.

From My Blog

I love to write and one of my greatest passions is to help others in any way I can. I spend most of my time coaching and mentoring friends, family and co-workers. Having been through so much life's experiences, my blog is a collection of life's lessons learned along the amazing journey of life. Hope you find them inspiring, motivating and uplifting. 

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Always enjoy working with Dr. Chidi Kalu, She is very understanding and true to self. Was in a bad shape when I began her sessions and she put a smile on my face. Thank you

Diana Waldman

Founder at

 It was easy working with Dr. Chidi, she is very honest and always willing to help. She guides you on what direction to take and gives you the tools to get there. 

Eric Leon 
VP Marketing Mobile.ze

Chidi is a very compassionate mentor and when you call or email her she is very receptive. She answered all my questions and gave me so much hope. Now I am way on my way to setting my goals and fulfilling my dreams again. 

Rachel Rose

Marketing Specialist


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