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You were created and destined to win. Regardless of your circumstances, never stop short of complete victory. You may fall several times but always get back up again. Remember, it's not how you started but how you finish.

Every day I bump into someone who once had a dream to become this or the other but life threw them a curve ball. Now that dream is now sitting on the shelves. On a daily basis people are giving up on those things that used to once matter to them. Things like relationships, raising kids, jobs, getting an education, pursuing a career. Daily many are growing cold and numb to that which once used to excite them. While it is true that sometimes life throws you so many curve balls, you are unable to juggle them. However, this does not mean you lay down and never get back up either. You can still have a can do attitude no matter what you have been through. It all starts with determining not to quit and deciding that no matter how many times it seems you failed, you must try again. Surround yourself with people who have gone through some challenges and came out victorious. Seek a mentor if you absolutely have no idea how to move forward. Read inspiring messages that will fill you with hope and get you back up again. o back to the drawing board and pick that dream back up again. Write down the dream or vision, make it real plain so you or anyone can understand it. You might want to even make a vision board so that your dream and vision are right in front of you so you can see it everyday. If you are person of faith begin to renew your mind by studying the word of God. Soon you will begin to change from the inside out, be filled with hope and faith to accomplish anything. It's only a matter of time you will see yourself thinking differently and once again attempting to go after those dreams again. You can begin again, this time with a winning attitude!

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