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Have you ever had a season where it seems like everything that has happened to you has been one of utter disaster? Sometimes you go through a situation that leaves you completely numb. Usually you could figure it out but this time you just can't. You have looked everywhere and things are not just making any sense. You have been through a similar situation in the past and surely you knew the way out but this time, you are absolutely stuck. Even those friends you once leaned on for help seem to have

all varnished. The ones that are left have no answers and you are left in a state of despair and perhaps you have even had the courage to pray about it. The more you have prayed about it, the further the answer seems. You have nothing left to do but cry, I mean you are not even needing to try hard. The tears just roll down your cheeks because you are left hanging by everyone it seems. What do I do? you ask. Where do I go? Who do I call?. The more you ask, the more despair and hopelessness sets in. If you have ever felt this low, you then agree that it is a not a fun place to be. Going to bed in tears and waking up in tears is never

a happy place to be. I have been there and am sure if you have not, you definitely know someone who has. Regardless of how you feel and what you think, I am here to tell you there is always hope. Your situation is not going to crush you even though it seems so. If you are a person of faith, then it is best to look to the one who said He will never leave you nor forsake you. His name is Jesus and He is so able to take care of you. He said that He knows the plans that He has for you and they are plans to prosper you and give you an expected end.

The Plans are for a great future and they are for hope. That promise is in Jeremiah 29 v 11. If you dare believe His word, trust Him to change the situation or get you through it. One of my most favorite bible promises is found in Psalms 30 v 5, it says " weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning". Now that is great news, and it simply means that no matter how dark your night has been and your season of despair seems to last longer than you desire, there is a change coming. There will be joy real soon and if you can hold on to that word, believe me you will begin to feel a glimpse of hope peeping through the darkness. Today I encourage you to cry no more, your season is fast changing. Embrace the new that is coming into your life, new hope, new joy, new friends, new beginning, new favor, new mercies, new season. See hope arising in the horizon and wipe away your tears. It's time to cry no more!

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