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Restoration is here

There is always a plan of restoration in place when you face diverse situations. Knowing to believe and keep the faith is key and with expectation, that which was lost is bound to be restored.

Life may have knocked you upside down. Don't I know it oh so well. When you have had to face so many differing trails for so long,you can begin to think that life will always be like that.The truth be told that it is not always easy to bounce back up. There are those who may not have the right support system to do so. You can even desire to get back up but you keep getting knocked down with one issue after the other. I was actually just reflecting a few days ago on the last few years and how rocky it has been. Job losses, death on the family, rocky relationships, financial issues, career moves, tough health decisions to make can often leave you feeling almost paralyzed. It may not be physical paralysis but you can get numb in your emotions and not even having the will power to keep going. After all you might add, what exactly am I holding on for. For me when I begin to feel this overwhelming sense of hopelessness, I tend to remember one thing.That is in looking back at circumstances that I have had to face in the past. At one point it seemed like it was going to last for ever and there was no way out.That was not the case because I am no longer facing those situations. I also believe that my faith in God also anchors me while facing these trials. Somehow, someway I always get this reassurance that it shall be well real soon. I am not sure how you may go about handling your situations but know that it won't last forever and that there is a plan for you to come out of it. Just like I shared with a friend this morning, sometimes in a long season of battles, you just need to R.E.S.T so you can be refreshed, strong, energized and teachable. There is always something new to learn in the midst of what ever you may be facing. If you are constantly agitated and irritated by what is going on, you may not be able to discern what the next steps are. You also may not be able to recognize restoration when it begins in your life. be encouraged today that your season is changing and soon restoration will be knocking at your door! hope you welcome it with glad open arms!

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