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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

When life deals you a deck of cards that you can't seem to manage. Transition is not necessarily a bad thing, you might just come to find out, it's a step to upward movement and advancement.

The interesting aspect of Transition is the fact that in our life time we shall have several transitions. It’s not necessarily a one-time event although there are often times we will prefer that it is so, so we can get it over with. Making it a onetime event or occurrence is not possible simply because:You are evolving as you live life. As long as you are breathing, life is constantly changing right before your very eyes. Am sure you will agree that there are just some things you really won’t want to remain the same from year to year. e.g. Parents would love their kids to grow up someday and leave the house. Countless decisions we make can drive change and also trigger transition. How about those life events such as birth, job relocation, positive or negative life style changes i.e. marriages, divorces, getting an education etc. Transition happens at any age, to any gender and it can be at any stage in life. No one can make a transition for you. God always sends someone who becomes an anchor for you as you transition into the next level and dimension. No one can get through the birth canal for a baby, that baby has to go through the turmoil of the birth canal to get across. Brace yourself though because even though we may not like some transitions, they are necessary for growth and development. How you handle each transition you face is extremely vital and words of wisdom and take away on how to go on a journey of transition and do it well. The good news is that no one is an expert on transitions, it is something we all have to learn on how to embrace it and come out of it just fine. For coaching opportunities on how to get through a transition fill out the contact form OR EMAIL :

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