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Falling isn't the issue, getting back up is. After several trials, life has a way of keeping you down unless you determine to get back up again.

You feel like something is about to happen, just like Ruth in the bible be in the right field, in the vicinity of where you are heading to. It may not be the field but it’s in the right direction. Get up!Get moving and only in the moving will there be progress. God is a God of movement not monument. Often times due to situations we have faced in life, we seem to get stuck in a frozen state of mind because we feel making any move will bring us back to failure. God desires to shift your life but you need to cooperate with Him. Have you ever tried to move a car that is on Park? How many know it will not move and it does not matter how skilled a driver you are, It won’t move.I remember when I was 15 and I was learning how to drive and I had to go take my test, boy was I so scared and nervous of that exam cause I had heard all these horror stories of how mean the driving instructors were. They don’t smile, they look serious and any little thing they will fail you. So I got there and just could not function. We got in the car and when I heard the words let’s go, I froze. I had the car on park, and even though I went through the motions of touching the gear but I did not shift to Drive so I stayed in the same place. The more He said any moment now, the more I froze. Until He said ok, let’s get out of the car and I began crying, then he said let’s start all over. He said its ok to relax and put the car on drive, I will be right there to guide you and we will go as slow as you want. With his guidance I did just that and overcame my fear and He passed me. Today I am speedy Gonzales and hardly want to slow down. So it's time to get back up and get going again!

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